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We are currently accepting applications for casting of the film Time 2 Tell. There are at least seventy (70) available parts. You may send Shahlo Mercier your headshot and bio. We are looking to cast our upcoming independent drama shooting in and around North Augusta, South Carolina and quite possibly the mountains of western North Carolina for the Jerusalem scenes starting in mid to late March-early April. Check out our casting needs below:

character list

our newest cast members

Justin Jury as Jesus Christ.

A lot of our casting is done by observation. Justin was eating at a restaurant and his profile was undeniably Christlike. We asked him if he'd like to read for a part and two weeks later, we cast our Jesus.

Shahlo Mercier as Karen Williams.

Shahlo plays Bryson's mother Karen. She is the one who is found defending her son even while most are not.

Isaac Bills as Bryson Williams.

Isaac, an extraordinary talent with a resume boasting of his vast experience. Before being cast as Bryson, we asked him to pray about it. A week passes, and he calls to say he feels God is calling him to this very project.

C. Wes Mercier as Lee Williams.

This is the only part in the film where the Director is also the actor. Chuck plays Bryson's father Lee.

Max Morgan as Christian Schlep.

Max was in Altar Egos. A film directed by his father Sean streaming on Pure Flix. We were watching it one night and loved his range as a character. After sending him the script, he said he'd love to be part of this project.

Enzo Mercier as Sean Williams.

Enzo was cast as Sean because of his relentless pursuit of a role. He saw his father head deep into production and wanted to be part of it, no matter how small the role. As Bryson's brother, he feels his brother can do nothing wrong, and thinks her parents are blinded by that one fact.

Chloe Wilson as Becky.

Chloe desires to serve the Lord with her talent. She sings beautifully, but wanted to act. So, when she was encouraged to read for Becky, Bryson's girlfriend, she fell into this role naturally.

Jaivon Bland as Tyson.

Jaivon, a multi-talented athlete was cast as a basketball player. He is in the same youth group as Bryson and Becky. His scene places him in a peculiar situation but then apologetically redeems himself.

Robb Pinner as Pilate.

Robb was cast as Potius Pilate because he carries himself in a confident manner, and has a dynamic persona. We think, from what we know, this is what Pilate would've been like.

Harriston Holmes as Mr. Moon.

Harriston or JB has some of the same characteristics as John Coffee in The Green Mile. We had to have him. Cast as an English teacher, his wisdom, sometimes finds refuge outside the classroom.

Jared Miskovic as Peter.

Jared has been acting since childhood. As a missionary in Mexico, his desire is to use God-given talents to bring people to Christ. Now, as Peter, his portrayal of the message of Christ will make it to our film.

Charles Denler chosen as Composer

Currently credited With nearly two hundred film and television scores, Charles Denler is a two time EMMY AWARD winner. His fusion of Classical and Modern Composition can be heard all over the world.

Charles' music has been featured with artists such as Creed, Cyndi Lauper, and Paul Simon. He has been published with six American Music Company CDs, and two Reserve Music CDs. His American Symphony No. 1 is published on the Reference Recordings Label. Charles has also published three score books, "The Orchestra", “The Unspoken Narrative” and “Moment At Dawn”.

Films and programs featuring Charles’ music include National Geographic, The History Channel, PBS, main themes for the STARZ! Kids' Television Network, music for Animal Planet, Honda, Coca Cola, Oprah, Dateline, NBC, NASA, the Colorado Rockies, the New York Yankees, and many feature film productions.