Time 2 tell

Currenty in the pre-production stages of our first motion picture film. Shooting almost entirely in Augusta, Georgia. It is to be shot fall and early winter of 2018.

Time 2 Tell revolves around two friends who grew up as besties, yet were inherently different. Bryson, a devout Bible believing Christian, and Christian, an athiest who refuses to see the logic of a loving God. Bryson designs a time machine to bring his buddy back to the time of Christ, and what transpires is an adventure that neither of them are prepared for.

Bombarded with issue after issue, they begin wrestling with a "Having to stay in the 1st Century" dilemma, Christian freaks out. As he slowly learns to trust his friend again, it appears they both discover that there just might be more to this "getting home" than being a freaked out atheist.